Sathuragiri Hills | Trekking in Sathuragiri /Watrap

Sathuragiri Hills (Watrap) | Trekking in Watrap

Sathuragiri Hill Entrance
Sathuragiri hills is one of the beautiful location which is in Southern Tamilnadu. Also known as Chathuragiri or  'Sundara Lingam' located at 10 kms from Watrap (Vathirairuppu) near Srivilliputhur. 

About Sathuragiri

Sathuragiri is of divine fame. It is believed that Siddhars are still living there.  The name also carries another meaning where the hills surrounding the place are in the shape of a Chathuram (Tamil for square) so the name Sathuragiri. For the first time, it takes nearly 4 to 5 hours to climb to the Top of the hill. Rest, can reach the top within 2 to 3 hours. On the hill there is no electricity, no telephone connection, no range for cell phones. We can find few number of shops selling buttermilk, coffee, snacks, etc. during some days like full moon day, no moon day and other festive seasons. Annadhana is going on from morning to evening near both the temples and stay in the shelter provided there before dark falls. Basic amenities are provided at the hill. Devotees are requested not to spoil the natural gifts in the hill. Everybody can avoid plastic covers and intoxicant materials.

Sathuragiri (chaturagiri) is the place to be if you are looking for a spiritual journey trekking all the way up and down on a hill, a nature’s haven, uninhabited except for the ancient temples  and the siddhas living on the hill. The temples are  1000-2000 years old  and thronged by devotees from all over India.

How to Reach Sathuragiri

Sathuragiri can be reached from nearest towns within 2 hours of time.
  • Madurai to Watrap : 65 kms from Airport and 68 kms from Mattuthavani bustand.
  • Virudhunagar to Watrap: 35 kms;
  • Rajapalayam to Watrap: 31kms.
  • Srivilliputhur to Watrap: 20Kms.
  • Watrap to Thanipaarai Base (10 kms). Mini buses, auto rickshaws are available to the base of the hill.
  • Thani parai to sahduragiri 7Kms by Walk.

Temples In Sathuragiri

Mahalingam In Sathuragiri

There are three eminent temples that reside in the Sahduragiri hills. 
  • Sundara Mahalingam Temple
  • Santhana Mahalingam Temple
  • Anandavalli Amma temple
Sundara Mahalingam temple at the entrance of the Sanctum.

Santhana Mahalingam Temple there separate shrines for 18 siddhars, Lord Gnesha, Lord Muruga , Navagrahas, Santhana Mahadevi (Sakthi), and Santhana Mahalingam (Sivam) are available. Satta Muni Cave can also be found nearby. 

Anandavalli Amma's temple mandapam can be found behind Sundara Mahalingam temple. Anandavalli Amma is formless. Only during Navarathiri she takes a form.

18(Eighteen) Siddhars In Sathuragiri

Sathuragiri is home to many Siddhas. Many Siddhas, both formless and with form, perform their penance in Sathuragiri. Below is a list of 18 (eighteen) eminent Siddhas according to South Indian tradition. Name of the Eighteen siddhas are give below.

1. Agasthiyar
2. Nandi Devar
3. Thirumoolar
4. Bogar
5. Konkanavar
6. Machamuni
7. Gorakhnathar
8. Sattaimuni
9. Sundaranandar
10. Ramadevar
11. Kudambai
12. Karuvoorar
13. Idaikadar
14. Kamalamuni
15. Valmiki
16. Pathanjali
17. Dhanvanthiri
18. Pambatti

It is still believed that Siddhars are existing in this beautiful hill. You will have sense of relief and can receive god's love and blessing on the adventerous trip to Sathuragiri !

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